Le combat aura lieu à la T-Mobile Arena de Las Vegas dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche et sera une unification - Topic Canelo vs Jacobs du 29-04-2019 02:31:39 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com

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Cumartesiyi pazara bağlayan gecenin sabahında saat 05.00'ten itibaren DMAX'ten canlı olarak yayınlanacak Canelo vs Daniel Jacobs unvan birleştirme maçının tartısında olay çıktı. Canelo (51-1-2, 35 KO) ve Jacobs (35-2-0, 29 KO) tartımlarını başarı ile verdikten sonra yüz yüze geldi. İki şampiyon kafa kafaya geldiklerinde itiş kakış kavgaya dönüşünce onlarca kişinin

Canelo vs Jacobs Live Streaming | allcanelovsjacobs.co m From allcanelovsjacobs .com - March 18, 2019 5:11 AM allcanelovsjacobs.com offers canelo vs jacobs live stream online for free, one of the biggest fight amoung the canelo vs jacobs, watch now. May 4, 2019 Subscribe to our YouTube channel https://bit.ly/DAZNYouTubeSubscribe Download the DAZN app now http://bit.ly/DAZN_YT FOLLOW US  May 12, 2019 All rights to DAZN. I don't own any of the fight footage. Thank you all so much for watching and if you enjoyed, be sure to put a like, comment, 

Canelo vs. Jacobs el 4 de mayo January 17, 2019 Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 nocauts) tomará otro paso en su exitosa carrera para convertirse en campeón mundial indiscutible, cuando defienda sus títulos mundiales mediano CMB, AMB, Lineal y Ring Magazine en una batalla unificatoria ante Daniel Jacobs (35-2, 29 nocauts), monarca universal mediano FIB, durante el festivo fin de semana de Cinco

¡Canelo vs Jacobs, por Space! elroundfinal 2019-05-02 24 visitas. fuera de juego 0 Comentarios 24 visitas 2. Por El Round Final. El campeón mediano de la AMB y CMB, Saúl Alvarez, se enfrentará en un duelo de unificación a Daniel Jacobs, el monarca de Canelo vs Jacobs has boxing fans all over the world excited, as millions plan to tune in to the Las Vegas clash. However, the fight risked cancellation as Daniel Jacobs FAILED to make the target